A couple walk down a gravel road. (Photo Credit: Sebastian Pichler/Upsplash)
A couple walk down a gravel road. (Photo Credit: Sebastian Pichler/Upsplash)
(Photo Credit: Sebastian Pichler/Upsplash)

The truth after all these years . …

A colorful mural of Elijah McClain by #SprayHisName with the word RESPECT and flowers.
Mural by #SPRAYTHEIRNAME (Detour & Hiero Veiga) Photo Credit: Denver News

Elijah McClain — violinist, bodyworker, animal lover, community volunteer — would have been 25-years old on February 25, 2021. McClain is the 23-year-old Black man who died after being attacked by Aurora, CO police officers who put him in a chokehold. Although he was on the ground, restrained, when EMT’s arrived, they injected him with ketamine, a strong tranquilizer. McClain died in the hospital.

(UPDATE: According to CNN, On September 2, 2021, a Colorado grand jury indicted three police officers and two paramedics involved in the August 2019 death of Elijah McClain. Encouraging news.)


An animal shelter.

A man…

A poem modeled after a poem by Hanshan, the reclusive 9th century Chinese poet from Cold Mountain who is credited with 320 poems meditating on mind, the moon, nature and more.

Birds fly in front of the full moon rising behind a tree.
Photo Credit: Pixabay

I’m happy with my life — in theory
Great husband, creative kid, old
Rambling house, good health
Dear friends, my sister.
Yet, little girl mind gets grumpy
Stamps her foot and demands success
Makes a fist and demands attention
The moon ain’t enough for this mind tonight.

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“Have you ever considered writing about things that actually interest people?” my husband asked. Photo Credit: Invisible Salon

“I’ve decided to start sleeping with people on Medium,” I told my husband. We were sorting the laundry so he didn’t look up. “I need to get to 100 followers by New Years and I only have 37.”

He replied, with the touching frankness one expects from a spouse: “Have you ever considered writing about things that actually interest people?”

“That may seem practical to you,” I scoffed “but it’s not. You’ve always said I’m better in bed than I am a writer. Plus I need a ton of new followers by December 31 or else Medium will kick me…

Melanie’s husband is back from the Iraq war — or is he?

Craig Marker, Christen Karle, Julia Brothers, Gwen Loeb, and Will Marchetti in the world premiere of BACK as part ot the 9th Annual Best of PlayGround Festival on May 12, 2005. Directed by Jonathan Moscone.

This post-9/11 play is based on the 16th century court case accusing Martin Guerre of being an imposter. Here’s to veterans and women at this 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack — and the end of America’s war in Afghanistan and women fighting back against the violent attack on women’s health in Texas.

, F, 24, any background or ethnicity.
This Guy, M, 25, any background or ethnicity.
Wanda, F, Melanie’s sister, 29, any background or ethnicity.
Perry, M, Melanie’s father, 55, any background or ethnicity.
Laurette, F, Melanie’s mother, 50, any background or ethnicity.


All words in order from the “Definition of Light, Noun” in Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 5th edition, Springfield, MA: G & C Merriam, 1948, p. 579, — shaped into a fractured pantoum, Summer Solstice, June 20, 2020.

An eyeball.
Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

The essential Condition of Vision
The opposite of darkness
An emanation
From a light-giving body

The opposite of darkness
As flames give light
From a light-giving body
The sensation aroused by stimulation

As flames give light
of the visual centers of the brain.”
The sensation aroused by stimulation
The sun’s light; daylight

of the visual centers of the brain.
also day, esp. The dawn of…

Evelyn Jean Pine

Playwright, performer, redhead.

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